Tuesday, December 22, 2009

5 Important Advices Before Talking To A Girl For The First Time

Talking to a girl that we like or admire for the first time is something that we afraid of. We will keep on guessing whether she will talk to us or simply refuse to do so. You have to remember one thing before start talking to a girl for the first time, and that is, she is a human being as you are. You are talking to a human being. There is no need to be so damn afraid. In case if she rejects to talk to you, please, I would like to urge you not to be so damn upset. Show to her that you got nothing to lose. If you see girl that you like sitting alone in your school cafeteria, library etc, go heading to her and start talking to her. However, before you start talking to her, all you have to do is, know very well about talking to a girl.  Here I have provided for you 5 Important Advices Before Talking To A Girl You Admire For The First Time.


Remember that I said she is just a human being as you are. During the conversation, do not feel uncomfortable or awkward. Show to her that you are brave and confidence enough to talk to. For girl, confidence is the most important thing every guys should have. Talk to her as you talk to your friend. Hide your nervousness and act like nothing happened. Believe me that she will be more comfortable to talk to you. 

Accept incoming result

You have to accept the incoming result. Accept the fact that you have been rejected by her if she does so. Do not feel that this is your end of life. There are still a lot of girls either in your school/college or wherever you go (check out my article about Best Places To Meet Girls - 7 best places to meet girls). Instead of being upset, you should feel proud of yourself for talking to a girl that you like rather than you just keep your feeling towards her in your heart as a top secret.

Do not talking about something that is only one-side interested

Do not wander to talking about something that you think most of the girls are not into. For example, football, cars upgrading, politician etc. Try to choose a neutral topic that both of you can enjoy listening and talking. It can be about new hot movie/songs, current issue etc. Or even better, try to talk about something that is more about to her. For instance, ask her about her family, friends, study etc. Anything that you can make her feels that you care about her and want to know her very well.


If the girl that you like still does not know how she can catch you up later after the conversation, do not forget to leave her you MySpace email, Facebook, Twitter and your Cell-phone number. So that you both can get to know each other more and one thing nobody knows is, that you both can get into relationship together.


Well we all know that most of the girls nowadays love to hear people talk good about them. So all you need to do is, insect a complimentary in your conversation. The complimentary must be truth one. For example,do not say she has a beautiful smile whereas she even doesn’t has tooth. Try to compliment her about something you see on her that is impressing you.

The bottom line is, be bold enough to approach (learn How To Approach A Girl In College - 6 important tips) and talk to her. Regardless whether she will reject or accept you. Lastly, i would like to thank to you for reading Important Advices Before Talking To A Girl You Admire For The First Time. Don't forget to leave your comment on this article. Tell me your own advice  about talking to a girl. I hope you can subscribe to my new posted article so that you will be updated with my blog new article.


  1. Most Guys feel nervous while talking to girls it is here that they loose the game.When we are nervous we tend to behave in an abnormal way which creates a bad impression on girls and we are being rejected.My mantra is to be yourself and act in the most general manner.Treat that girl as your cousin and then see you will behave normally.Hope this works!

  2. yeah
    but you have to remember that when it comes to talking to someone who we love and put high hope on, it is hard to act like normal
    everything that we plan won't happen exactly like we would like it to happen

  3. Its important to let her talk about herself...dont just go on talking about yourself!
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  4. yeah
    you are damn right
    treat the girl like a princess


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