Sunday, November 8, 2009

Best Places To Meet Girls - 7 best places to meet teenage girls

Do you know where are the best places to meet girls? The places where you can pick up or have a conversation with any girls you desire. In Best Places To Meet Girls I will tell you the places where have a lot of chicks and where they always spend their time at.


Weddings actually one of the best places to meet girls. It makes you easy to start a conversation with any girl you adore. The first thing you can do to start a conversation by asking her what is her relation with the bridal. Followed by asking her where is she come from. The next thing you can do is just keep on talking to her friendly and don’t forget to ask for her phone number at the end of the conversation.

Bus Stops/Train Stations

These are the places where abundances of teenage girls usually are at after school is over. They wait for their transport here. While they are waiting, you can start a move to get any of girls there. You can start with ask her where she want to go. If lucky, your destination could be same with her and you can ask her to go there together with you.


This is the places where hot girls usually spend their time to work out and maintain their body shape.Can you imagine how hot they are wearing tight?Well if you want to nudge any hot girl you like, you must be down-to-earth. Try to pretend that you don’t know how to use an equipment. Ask for help from her. She will help you and you can start to chat with her. If everything going well, you can ask to have a drink with you after worn out of working out.


I believe that your school/college will hold a seminar prior to major examination. Actually, this is one of the best places to meet girls. If possible, try to attend the seminar as early as you can. So that you can have a look at girls coming to the seminar without miss none of them. So it is easy for you to choose which girl is suitable for you. Try to be as close to her as you could by sitting next to her or near to her or keep an eye on her. If you manage to sit near or next to her, you can start a conversation by asking her, which school is she studying and when the seminar is started, you can ask her a question about the seminar and perhaps, she will do the same thing too. Otherwise, you have to keep an eye on her. When the seminar is over, go to her. Nudge her by asking her a few questions such as what she takes to go back, how was the seminar and etc. Try to be friendly with her. If possible, try to get to know her in a short time by asking for her cell phone number or email.


Most of girls love to spend their time at library either to reading or to gossiping. What you have to do is, be sited at the place where it is near to girl that you like. Identify what category of book she likes. If you know well about the category of books, try to talk to her about it. Share opinions about the book with each other. She will like it. You can use it as a reason to ask for her phone number.

Shopping Mall

You should go to shopping mall every weekend!! Trust me you will love to see many(I meant it,MANY) girls hanging around the mall, window shopping and having a drink with their hot girls group at STARBUCKS. This is your best opportunity to pick up as many hot girls you as you want.


Well, i would say this is the best places to meet girls among the best. This place makes you as easy as abc to meet girls.

I have listed 7 Best Places To Meet Teenage Girls. These place have many,many,many,many,many girls and  most of teenage girls spend their time at these places on weekend. Thank you so much for reading my article. I really appreciate it.Thank you so much.

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