Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What To Do After Breaking Up

Breaking up is a something that is really painful. Breaking up with your partner means you lose someone who you really love. Someone who you was been with and shared everything together. Once you have broke up with your partner, you will feel sad, damn sad. And the worst case is, it could affect you to commit suicide. It Is due to feeling so damn sad and frustration. Many people don’t know What To Do After Breaking Up. So now, I will reveal a few things What To Do After 
Breaking Up. My intention is, try to help people to heal the pain of breaking up rapidly.

Do not be alone

Go out with someone else either your friend or a new girl you know can make you forget about your previous relationship and your ex. Go and have fun. Forget about your ex. Being alone will make you feel sad and keep on reminiscing your keepsake with your ex.

Don’t agree to befriend with your ex

It sounds good to befriend with your ex after you both breaking up. But actually, it is backfired. Befriend with your ex is the biggest mistake you would do. Try to be as far as you could from your ex. If you still stay close with your ex, the probability you will be sad over and over again is bright. You will be sad when you have found out that he/she has a new partner, flirting with someone else etc. Befriend with your ex is actually you keep a high hope to be with him/her back. Trust me, the best thing you should do is just let him/her go. Stop hoping anything from him/her. There is no use for you both to befriend without strong reason.

Here comes the pain

Just let the pain conquer you for a while. Let yourself crying. It is not wrong if you sad. Everybody will feel the same thing after breaking up. Do not keep the sadness. Just let it away. In the other words, do not refrain yourself from crying. If you want to cry, just go ahead.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

5 Important Advices Before Talking To A Girl For The First Time

Talking to a girl that we like or admire for the first time is something that we afraid of. We will keep on guessing whether she will talk to us or simply refuse to do so. You have to remember one thing before start talking to a girl for the first time, and that is, she is a human being as you are. You are talking to a human being. There is no need to be so damn afraid. In case if she rejects to talk to you, please, I would like to urge you not to be so damn upset. Show to her that you got nothing to lose. If you see girl that you like sitting alone in your school cafeteria, library etc, go heading to her and start talking to her. However, before you start talking to her, all you have to do is, know very well about talking to a girl.  Here I have provided for you 5 Important Advices Before Talking To A Girl You Admire For The First Time.


Remember that I said she is just a human being as you are. During the conversation, do not feel uncomfortable or awkward. Show to her that you are brave and confidence enough to talk to. For girl, confidence is the most important thing every guys should have. Talk to her as you talk to your friend. Hide your nervousness and act like nothing happened. Believe me that she will be more comfortable to talk to you. 

Accept incoming result

You have to accept the incoming result. Accept the fact that you have been rejected by her if she does so. Do not feel that this is your end of life. There are still a lot of girls either in your school/college or wherever you go (check out my article about Best Places To Meet Girls - 7 best places to meet girls). Instead of being upset, you should feel proud of yourself for talking to a girl that you like rather than you just keep your feeling towards her in your heart as a top secret.

Do not talking about something that is only one-side interested

Do not wander to talking about something that you think most of the girls are not into. For example, football, cars upgrading, politician etc. Try to choose a neutral topic that both of you can enjoy listening and talking. It can be about new hot movie/songs, current issue etc. Or even better, try to talk about something that is more about to her. For instance, ask her about her family, friends, study etc. Anything that you can make her feels that you care about her and want to know her very well.


If the girl that you like still does not know how she can catch you up later after the conversation, do not forget to leave her you MySpace email, Facebook, Twitter and your Cell-phone number. So that you both can get to know each other more and one thing nobody knows is, that you both can get into relationship together.


Well we all know that most of the girls nowadays love to hear people talk good about them. So all you need to do is, insect a complimentary in your conversation. The complimentary must be truth one. For example,do not say she has a beautiful smile whereas she even doesn’t has tooth. Try to compliment her about something you see on her that is impressing you.

The bottom line is, be bold enough to approach (learn How To Approach A Girl In College - 6 important tips) and talk to her. Regardless whether she will reject or accept you. Lastly, i would like to thank to you for reading Important Advices Before Talking To A Girl You Admire For The First Time. Don't forget to leave your comment on this article. Tell me your own advice  about talking to a girl. I hope you can subscribe to my new posted article so that you will be updated with my blog new article.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Effective Tips For Improving Your Relationship

Relationship will become meaningless, loveless or even sadness relationship after a few months or up to a year. You and your girlfriend/boyfriend would be easy to get mad at each other.  In order to keep hold of your relationship as long as possible, all you have to do to get your relationship last forever is keep on improving it. Below are the Effective Tips For Improving Your Relationship.

Mind your word that comes out from your mouth

After awhile being together, there must be many things you both have been through together either it is happy moment or the sad one. There is likelihood that the first argument in the relationship is one of the sweet things. However, after awhile, argument is something that leads the relationship to be ‘vanish’. Argument is the time you both to get angry at each other. You might say anything you want without thinking the consequence. The worst part is, you say something bad to your partner that will be immortal in your partner’s head. Something that he/she will keep on reminiscing and never forget. Something that hurt him/her so much. So you have to think before say a word during argument. Do not let your anger conquer your mind. It will help you make your relationship getting worse. Show to your partner respect as you did when you both were just into relationship

No pointing finger

When it comes to bad moment, you and your couple will have a tendency to blame each other. In relationship, you both are working as a group. Therefore, you cannot simply pointing your finger to your partner when something bad crop up. Instead of pointing finger at each other, you should try to look for a way to resolve the problem.


Supporting each other is one of the important tips for improving your relationship. I want to ask you, how is it feel when you are having a big football match, you girlfriend comes to watch you play? Comes to your match is one of the situation that we can consider as supporting.

You don’t have to worry if you and your partner had fought many times. Furthermore, we are as a teen easy to scold people, angry etc. Try to control our self when problem comes around. Look for the root of the problem and work together to resolve it. It is much better than you pointing your finger to other person. Be patience and give and take to each other. Keep on improving your relationship. It leads your relationship to be last forever even though you and your partner are still young.

Friday, December 11, 2009

How To Be A Good Boyfriend For Teenage

Everybody wants to be a good boyfriend for his girlfriend, and certainly, every girlfriend in the world would love to get a good boyfriend. As a boyfriend, I am sure that you want to keep your girlfriend in the relationship with you forever. To do that, you have to do something that will make her really love you. There is no other way other than be a good boyfriend for her to keep her as your girlfriend forever. Don’t waste any more time before you get dump by someone who you really love and willing to die for. Keep on reading How To Be A Good Boyfriend For Teenage  as I will reveal a couple of secret tips to be a good boyfriend.

Be protective

As a guy, you have to be protective towards your girlfriend. Show to her that you could do anything to make sure she is saved from any unexpected incident.  This will make her feel that you really concern about her.

Be honest and

This one is the important one. No matter what, try to avoid from prevaricating her. Be as honest as you could. If you did mistake, just straightaway tell her. Don’t make her assume you as a mendacious.  Once you lie to her, there is hard to convince her for next time you need to do so.

Give something

Find out what she desire for. Girl love to shop. When you going shopping with her, try to ask her what does she want. And the next time you meet her, give the stuff that she wants. Give it to her occasionally or “suprrriiiiiissssseeeeeee” .

Lie to impress

I know many guys out there love to impress girl that he likes/loves. Such as, you tell her that you are the captain of your school/college football team but actually, you never play football before. She will believe that you are what you said. And you are succeed to impress her. Remember, if she manage to find out the fact that you are not what you said, she will says bye-bye to you. Try to be your own self. There is no reason why you have to impress her. If you still want to impress her, you can do it through your caring, loving, attention etc.  

Befriend with her friends

To be a good boyfriend, you have to be good to your girlfriend’s friends. Get along with them.  You can use them as your ‘radar’ to help you keep an eye on her. They also can help you to resolve your relationship problem. (in case if you have)

Pay attention during conversation

Listen to her when she talks to you. She may need you suggestion.  If she has a problem, try to help her to solve it. Bear the problem along with her. Don’t let her bear it alone. Remember, she is girl, which mean she is ‘weaker’ than you. You can know what is going on to her through conversation. Pay as much attention as you could during conversation.

Touch her

Girl love to pampered. Put your hand on her shoulder when you both going out. Always make physical contact with her.  If you got chance to touch her at school/college, just do it. It shows to your schoolmates that you and your girlfriend are happy together.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How To Approach A Girl In College – 6 important tips

Approaching a girl is not an easy job to accomplish.  Girl that you want to approach may humiliate you or she will accept your approaching. To get your approaching acceptable is pretty hard. Before you approach girl that you want, you should be prepared with incoming consequence. Do not be so upset if the girl has rejected you. Carry on your approaching to other girl. Read more about How To Approach A Girl In College – 6 important tips to find out 6 tips to approach girl.

Greet her

If you see girl that you want to approach is alone without her group of friends, go towards her and open your mouth to greet her. Don’t show to her that you are nervous to greet her. Once you have talked to her, try to ask her to go to cafeteria to have a drink. If she accept your invitation, that is your opportunity to get closer to her. Remember, do not interrogate her like a cop does.


Do not afraid to give her smile. Do you know that you can figure out whether the girl is interested in you through smiling? If you smile to her and she does the same thing to you, that is meant she is interested in you and it is easy for you to approach her.

Mind your manner

If you go to cafeteria or library and see she got no table to eat or study, then allow her to be sited at your place.  It shows that you are caring about her. It will make you easier to approach her. And there is no reason you will be rejected by her after what you have sacrifice for her even a tiny thing. Keep in your mind that girl come first in any situation.


Confident is the most vital thing in approaching girl. If you are good looking but got no self-confidence, trust me no girl will attract to you. Confident on the way you talk, walk, style etc. Girl will look at your self-confidence before get attract to you. I know everybody has their own nervousness. However, we have to hide the nervousness and act like cool when it comes to approaching girl.

Good appearance

Get your nice cloth when you going out. You will never expect to meet someone who you going to attract to. So always, be prepared. Style your hair and do slight make up on your face.

Eye contact

Other than confident, eye contact is important too. You can win the girl through nice eye contact. Eye contact shows how much you are confident to approach the girl. Girl will figure out whether you confident enough or not through your eye contact. Play eye contact with the girl that you want to approach. Give her nice eye contact with a lot of confidence.

How To Approach A Girl In College – 6 important tips could help you. These tips are really helpful. The key here is being confident. Don’t get upset if the girl that you want to approach reject you. Try to approach other girl. If you have approached 100 girls but only got 1, it is consider okay. At least you are brave enough to take the shot rather than you do nothing to win her.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

How To Become A Very Hot Girl – tips to become a very hot girl

Every girl in this world love to become a very hot girl. Every guys in the world love to stand beside hot girl. They will be so proud to walk beside a very hot girl, talk to very hot girl and do every single thing with hot girl. However, to become a very hot girl is not that easy. You have to work on your appearance, the way you talk, outfit you wearing and many other things. That is why I said, to become a very hot girl is not easy. But you don’t have to worry, I am here to help you out. In ,How To Become A Very Hot Girl – tips to become a very hot girl, I will reveal a number of tips to become a very hot girl.

Clean up your skin

As you see, hot girl face is very clean. Regardless whether her face is dark or fair, it still looks hot because it is clean from pimple or any dirt. Guy likes to see a clean face.Girl with a clean face shows that she is really concern about her hygiene. To get a clean face, you have to wash your face regularly and do not forget to use sun block when you are going out. If you have a beauty face and wear a sexy outfit, it is pointless if your face is full with pimple and dirts.


As a girl, you need to be soft and polite. Guy really hates a rude girl. If you going out to have a meal with a guy, you should be polite to the waiter/waitress. Although you already look hot in term of appearance, but if you rude to people around you, you will look damn ugly towards a guy eyes. Be as polite as you could without letting people take advantage of your politeness.

Be original

What I meant by be original is do not copycat other girl’s attitude, dress up etc. Be your self. Most of girl would copy other people identity who she thinks hot. They want to be as hot as that person is. Guys doesn’t like ‘common girl’ who they think got no self identity. So be original and unique. Be your own self. Do whatever you think right for yourself without thinking other people perception. Be more interesting and fun. Trust me guy will be me more comfortable to be with you.


Most of hot girls will play hard-to-get just because they are hot. It is good to play hard-to-get. But from my pointer view, there are two reason why hot girl play hard-to-get. The first one is because they are being so pride and the second one is because, they want to give a challenge to guy who wants to pick her up and to look how much the guy wants her. The second one is a good thing.


Be flirty doesn’t mean you are cheaper and one-night-stand-chick. It is something that makes the guy to get to know you easier. It is sort of invitation to get to know you. So be a little bit flirty. Try to smile more than usually you do and be friendlier. Guy loves flirty girl. Trust me.


As a girl, hygiene is one of important thing. Brush your teeth twice a day, take a shower before going out, do not wear cloth that you already wore, don’t forget to make up your face and spray perfume to your body. Make sure you smell good before going out. People will look at you once you walking out from house.

If you really want to be a very hot girl, stop wearing something that is concise. Be trendy. Do not wear something that is out dated. I hope How To Become A Very Hot Girl – tips to become a very hot girl could assist you to become a very hot girl. As usual, i would like to thanks to you to for reading How To Become A Very Hot Girl – tips to become a very hot girl. Sideshow below is for a few books about hot girl. Go and buy to get to know well on how to be a very hot girl. Click at the image and it will takes you to the next step where you can make purchase.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tips For Flirting Through Text Messages

Flirting does not necessarily only occur when the person that you want to flirt is in front of you. Regardless how far the person that you want to flirt is, flirting between you both is still can occur, through text messages. Nowadays most of teenagers around the world flirt with their crush by texting them. To those who still got no idea how to flirt through text messages, I will reveal Tips For Flirting Through Text Messages.

Play hard-to-get

Flirting through text messages required you to play hard-to-get. So that the person that you want to flirt with won’t see you too desperate, bored and lonely. If he/she replies you late, you should just be patience and do something else while waiting for his/her reply. Once you receive his/her reply, you do what he/she did to you. Reply him/her late. It will show that you are not desperate to flirt with him/her, bored and lonely. This tip is suitable for a girl.

Avoid from errors

People make an impression on you base on how your text messages. If there are many typo/misspelling or punctuation error they will assume you as a ‘noob ass’ or not educated enough. So before you send your messages, try to check it first. It is going to humiliate you if there is error in your messages.

No repetition

Do not send the same messages to him/her. Wait for his/her respond. Avoid from asking him/her why not replying, where are you etc.  Perhaps he/she hasn’t receive your messages due to the poor coverage or she/he may be busy or don’t get shocked if he/she reject to flirt with you. That is not a big deal. You are lucky because she reject to flirt with you through text messages rather than face-to-face.

Short messages

Do not reply him/her with a short message. It indicates that you are not interested to flirt with him/her. If you are speechless and got nothing to reply, take your time to find out what should you reply rather than you just reply him/her with a short message.

Call with sweet name

Call the person that you attempt to flirt with a sweet name. For instance is he/ask you “what are you up to”, you should reply him/her with “I am doing nothing, darling.” However, remember, do not call him/her with sweet name frequently. Take a suitable time to do so.


Put some jokes in the messages. Something that sounds flirty. For instance, you can ask a silly but flirty question such as, “when can we get married/in relationship”, “when can we go out for a date” etc. Make it sounds like a silly question but deep in your heart, you would love if the silly question really happened. 

Text messages emoticon

Try to use something like x0x0, :-*, ;-) etc to express your reaction.

Those Tips For Flirting Through Text Messages above are really helpful to those who wants to flirt through text messages. flirting can leads you both to get in to relationship. You can know your crush better through flirting. As a paperless era, flirting through text messages is more convenient for human being.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How To Know If A Guy Likes You – How To Know If A Guy Likes You – obvious signs a guy likes you

How To Know If A Guy Likes You – obvious signs a guy likes you are quite similar to How To Know If A Girl Likes You – obvious signs a girl likes you. The signs are similar. But not the similar, there are still have a difference. Here I have listed a few obvious signs a guy likes you.

Praising you

If a guy that you suspect likes you keep on praising you, that is meant he really likes you. He will keep on saying good about you because you are everything for him even though you do nothing towards him. He is in the middle of crazy of you. If one day you look a little bit hotter than regularly, he will thinks that it is something major changer happened to you whereas you just put more powder on you face than usually you do. He will keep on looking at you and keep praising you.


Teasing can offend people. What are you going to do if a guy teasing you by calling you with a silly name? Will you going to berate him in front of you friends or will you laugh because it is funny?  Sometime guys use teasing to get your attention. Don’t get him wrong. He makes stupid jokes or calls you with silly name because he likes you. That is the fact. He does it because he needs your attention not because he wants to offend you.

Touching you

There are two reasons why he touches you. Either he likes you or he just wants to take advantage of you. You have to be careful with that. If possible, try to observe the way he treat other girls. Does he loves to touch every girls he talks to or he only touches you. If you discovered that he touches every girls he talks to, you should not allow him to do so next time.


If he nervous when talking to you, that is meant he likes you. If he looks away as fast as flash after you notice he keeps on looking at you, trust me that he likes you damn much and look forward to get closer to you .

As I said, the ways girl and guy picking up line are quite similar. If these signs are on the guy that you think likes you, try to do something to make thing easier. I would like to urge you do no play-hard-to-get no matter how hot you are. If you likes the guy as he does, than just proceed without giving him difficulties to get you. Thank you so much for reading How To Know If A Guy Likes You – How To Know If A Guy Likes You – obvious signs a guy likes you. I hope you can leave your comment about this article and share with me signs a guy likes you and I almost forget, please subscribe my blog for next article.