Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What To Do After Breaking Up

Breaking up is a something that is really painful. Breaking up with your partner means you lose someone who you really love. Someone who you was been with and shared everything together. Once you have broke up with your partner, you will feel sad, damn sad. And the worst case is, it could affect you to commit suicide. It Is due to feeling so damn sad and frustration. Many people don’t know What To Do After Breaking Up. So now, I will reveal a few things What To Do After 
Breaking Up. My intention is, try to help people to heal the pain of breaking up rapidly.

Do not be alone

Go out with someone else either your friend or a new girl you know can make you forget about your previous relationship and your ex. Go and have fun. Forget about your ex. Being alone will make you feel sad and keep on reminiscing your keepsake with your ex.

Don’t agree to befriend with your ex

It sounds good to befriend with your ex after you both breaking up. But actually, it is backfired. Befriend with your ex is the biggest mistake you would do. Try to be as far as you could from your ex. If you still stay close with your ex, the probability you will be sad over and over again is bright. You will be sad when you have found out that he/she has a new partner, flirting with someone else etc. Befriend with your ex is actually you keep a high hope to be with him/her back. Trust me, the best thing you should do is just let him/her go. Stop hoping anything from him/her. There is no use for you both to befriend without strong reason.

Here comes the pain

Just let the pain conquer you for a while. Let yourself crying. It is not wrong if you sad. Everybody will feel the same thing after breaking up. Do not keep the sadness. Just let it away. In the other words, do not refrain yourself from crying. If you want to cry, just go ahead.


  1. a nice cold beer should do the trick. ha ha ha

    if breakups are done correctly, there is no need to end all communications. i mean, its such a waste to throw all forms of relationship with someone just because you got your heart broken.

    ha ha ha

    nice blog you got here by the way.

  2. nuh
    yeah there is no need
    but is is needed if the communication makes you or your ex feel more worse
    better just be away from each other for awhile

  3. I agree with wickedsago! :P ahah
    beer solve anything xD

    I just get to know ur blog, and i guess u own a new vistior :P


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  5. bluehlife my god
    you just gave me some spirit to do better on what i am doing right now. thanks


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