Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tips On How To Get Revenge On A Cheating Girlfriend

Commonly, people always assume guys as a cheater and someone who ruins relationship. However, not all the guys out there are what those people claim. Perhaps, they are kind and loyal towards their girlfriend. Girls love to take advantage on a kind and loyal girl. Would you agree with me??I am here to give a few Tips On How To Get Revenge On A Cheating Girlfriend. Yes this may make girls out there get sick of this. But who cares, aite? Hell no we will endure this kind of condition alone. So below is the Tips on How to Get Revenge On A Cheating Girlfriend.

Get close with her friends

She will feel jealous when you get close with her friend from out of the blue. Start to flirt with her friend and be more friendly when you bump into her.

Get close with her enemy

 Ok this is the great thing to do. If she has an enemy or someone who she envy toward, it will make this thing easier. You can use her enemy to make her feel sick and piss off. As you know that your stupid cheating girlfriend doesn't like her(her enemy) this is your chance to use her to get revenge. I am sure that your cheating girlfriend will be more envy  towards her. Guess what, the best part is, there is likelihood that both of them(your cheating girlfriend and her enemy) can involve into brawl. Hahahaha

Beg for a new relationship

If she does accept, you can cheat  her as she did to you. Easy,isn't it?But first of all, you have to do is convince her that you still love her and can't live without her and willing to forgive her and forget the past. Once that is working, be with her for a month or two, get her love back, and when the time is come, DUMP her or CHEAT her.

Dredge up what she said and did wrong

This is to humiliate her. You have to dredge up what did she do that humiliate herself that nobody knows except for you. Once you have one, than make it as a breaking news. Fuss about it to her friends,enemies and whoever interested.

Reveal the secret

If you had a sex with her, tell about it to her new boyfriend through anyways. I am sure you will make the relationship collapse.

I think these are all I got. If you have your own ways to get revenge on a cheating girlfriend, please share it with us. You can leave your feedback at the comment box. I hope you will succeed. Thank you for spending your time reading  Tips On How To Get Revenge On A Cheating Girlfriend.