Monday, November 30, 2009

How To Know If A Girl Likes You – obvious signs girl likes you

To get to know if there is a girl likes you is not an easy business. It can destructs your attention and your study because you are keep on thinking whether the girl that you think might likes you really likes you or it is just your feeling. Now you stop guessing because I will make known about How To Know If A Girl Likes You – obvious signs girl likes you. It could help you to know whether the girl likes you or not.


Out from nowhere, she got jealous just because she saw you with other girl. This is one of the obvious signs girl likes you. Girl well get jealous when the guy that she adore is with other girls. You might see her happy 24/7, but deep in her heart, she is jealous.

Through her group of friends

Commonly, when a girl likes someone, she will tell about it to her friends. So if you notice that her friends are eyeing while laughing at you, it means that she is telling them that she likes you. For more obvious, they might scream your name and her to tease both of you. There is certain case that she will use her friends to approach you by asking for your cell phone number, facebook, my space etc and your status either you are single and available or belongs to someone else.

Phone number

She will try to convince you that she needs your cell phone number to exchange with her for a purpose. She will try to convince you that she got no feeling towards you even though she asked for your number. She will give a reason to ask for your number such as for study group, catch a homework etc.


If you want to know How To Know If A Girl Likes You – obvious signs girl likes you, one of the thing that you should do is observe how often does she calls/texts you. Try to find out why does she texts/calls you. Is it just because she is lonely without her friends or she really wants to texts/calls you because she misses you or even she texts/calls you before you go to bed to wish you goodnight and wish you good morning once she awake. If she texts/calls you before you go to bed and because she misses you, that is mean she really interested in you and wants to show to you that she really cares about you. However if she just texts/calls you because of she is bored and lonely, it means that she just wants to play around with you.

Touching you more than once

If she will look an excuse to let her hold your hand or your body part, that is meant she tries to makes contact with you physically and she likes you so much. Girl won’t simply touch if she doesn’t crazy about the guy.

Observing you

She might observe you from somewhere far from you. She will keep on looking at your outfit, face etc. She loves to see you and dream something in her mind about you.

Signs in How To Know If A Girl Likes You – obvious signs girl likes you is the common signs from girl to show to guy that she likes the guy. So if all the signs above are being implementing by girl that you think like you, that is mean she likes you for real. I think I should post this right now, thank you for reading How To Know If A Girl Likes You – obvious signs girl likes you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How To Save Your Relationship – secret tips to save your relationship

Do you know what do to save your relationship when it is heading to break up? I know everybody in the world love their relationships. Even though they do love their relationship, they still did something that makes their relationship not working very well and the worst part is, it leads to break up. Everybody make mistake, but to make it right you have to do whatever it takes. You have to remember that you are the only one who can fix your relationship if your partner doesn’t has capability to do so. You don’t worry. In How To Save Your Relationship – secret tips to save your relationship, I have provided for you a few tips that can save your relationship.

Forget and forgive

This is the most vital tips in How To Save Your Relationship – secret tips to save your relationship. You must remember that human being made a mistake, not left behind, your lover. So to make your relationship run smoothly with less argument and conflict, you have to forget and forgive all the mistakes that have done by your lover. Once you have forget and forgive your lover, then only you can be peacefully and give full commitment to your relationship.

Be patience while solve the argument

You have to be patient when each times your lover and you in an argument. Try to be calm and find out a way to find the underlying cause of the problem. Try to take it easy and don’t simply berate to your lover. Give some space to your lover and you to be calm. Then only you both can discuss about the problem. Be patient to fix your relationship. Don’t be too rush to fix it because you can’t fix it while you are still bad mood. I know that you are still young. Try to be matured and understanding for good sake of your relationship.

Surprise your lover

Have you ever been surprised before? Were you feeling happy been surprised? Now ask yourself, have you ever surprise your lover? If you never ever surprise your lover, then do it ASAP. Get a suitable time to surprise her/him such as during valentine, your anniversary etc. Trust me it is gon’ be more meaningful.

Spend more time

If you are in a same school/college with your ex, there are no difficulties to spend time together with your lover. But if you are far from your lover, try to fix time to spend time together. Spending time together   will allow you both to understand each other more and make the relationship stronger.

Stop pointing a finger

Many couples love to point their finger to their lover when something wrong occurs. If you are doing it, I would like to ask you to stop it now. Don’t ever think that everything you done are right for the relationship and your lover. You may do something that hurt your lover without your knowledge. So stop thinking that you are right all the time.

Your relationship can be saved if you follow tips in How To Save Your Relationship – secret tips to save your relationship. Save your relationship before it’s too late. Thanks you for spending your time to read How To Save Your Relationship – secret tips to save your relationship.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tips For How To Flirt With Your Dream Guy

This Tips For How To Flirt With Your Dream Guy is suitable for girls.Many girls don’t know how to flirt with guys they want. They flirt with their own way that will make them looked like a cheaper girls or one-night-stand girl.  These types of girls are guys most hated type of girls. So find out Tips For How To Flirt With Your Dream Guy.


Do you know teasing is the one of Tips For How To Flirt With Your Dream Guys? Most of people may think that teasing is annoying. Actually teasing can make people love you. It can be joyful however, it can be the most annoying thing. Teas your desire guy to make him think that you are full with joy and can make him happy.

Talk to him

If you see the guy that you desire for is alone, go and talk to him. Talk about something light. Don’t make him know that you adore him. Try to get to know how he is. If you think that he is ok and suitable for you, then proceed for the flirtationship.

Smile/eye contact

Smile at him when he looks at you for the first time.  Guy love to be smiled by girl. It is one of flirting with body language. Another body language flirting is with eye contact. Keep on starting at him. Make him notice that you are trying to have a contact with him. I am sure after awhile, he will give a good feedbacks.

Be alone

It is hard to get close to you if you are in a group. Try to be alone. It makes him easy to get closer to you. Guy will get shy to get closer to girls if in a group.


Outfit can make you looks hotter and more attractive. So your flirting job is easier. Wear something that shows your sexiness. I don’t meant to urge you to act like a ho’. Just that you need to be more attractive.  In addition, your outfit can gain his attention.

Nowadays teenagers are more to flirting than truly love relationship. And girls are more daring than the old one. So I decided to help girl out there to get the real Tips For How To Flirt With Your Dream Guy. I wish you good luck and thank you for reading Tips For How To Flirt With Your Dream Guy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have you Been Dumped? Tips to Overcome Misery

Been dumped by your couple is the thing that is the most unacceptable. Person who you love most could dump you. No matter what, you got to accept the fact that you have been dumped. Yeah I know how is it feel and how much changes we need to do to our life to adapt with our new life without someone who we were always been with. I am here to help with you. I got something that can help you to survive from been dumped misery. Try to follow tips below to get better.

Reset schedule

I know that you did so many things together. Had a breakfast together, went to classes together, went out together etc. In order to overcome your misery, you need to change all those things. For instance, try to go to have your breakfast with your friend so that you will not feel lonely and sad. Try to be closer with them. It will make you to forget everything about your misery.

Reshuffle yourself

What I meant by reshuffle yourself is make a little bit change to yourself. It can be your appearance, attitude or anything you think that is similar to your ex to make you forget about him/her. You can cut your hair short, or change it style. Change anything that makes you think or remember about your ex.

No drink no drug

There is no doubt peoples will straight away to booze if they are too frustrated. For good sake of yours, I would like to urge you please do not booze or take drug. It will make you misery getting worse. Certainly, it will help you to lose your ex. Your ex will look you as a jerk. You ruin your chance to get your ex back.


If you want to show to your ex that you can carry on your life without her/him, try to flirt in front of him/her. But remember that it might backfire. What goes around comes around. He may flirt for real that will make you damn frustrated. Otherwise, you still can show to him/her that you can carry on your life by being happy with your friends rather than flirting.

Throw away keepsakes

I know there must be many keepsakes given by your ex. All you have to is throw them away or just keep them you can give them to peoples who.

Don’t ever try to commit suicide because of love. It is damn stupid. Thee many things you can do to overcome misery. You may meet a better person that can take care of you and be with you forever. If you have been dumped, remember that is not the end of your world. As usual, thank you so much for reading Have you Been Dumped? Tips to Overcome Misery. I really appreciate.

Best Ways To Pick Up Girl In College/School

If you have read my article about Best Places To Meet Girls - 7 best places to meet teenage girls, college is one of the best places to meet girls. So now, I will assist you to pick up girls in your college by revealing Best Ways To Pick Up Girl In College/School.

Be nice

Certain people will be shy or nervous to nudge hot peoples. All you have to do is just go and talk to them. Nothing is wrong. They might have a same feeling as you. However, don’t be too choosy. Don’t forget to talk to unattractive people. Don’t try to shun from unattractive people. Just treat them as you treat hot people. There is likelihood that unattractive people know well about hot girls that you wish to pick up. The bottom line is, make as many friends as you could because some of them can help you to get girls you adore.

Stop waiting, start acting

The longer you wait, the more nervous you will be. Start your action soon after you have found a girl that you like. You can a simply ask her a simple question for conversation starter. She won’t berate or humiliate you just because you want to have a conversation with her. Start with simple conversation then you can have a drink with her and try to get to know her better. Otherwise, you will look jerk if she knows that you are not daring enough to talk to her.

Cafeteria /lunchroom

Try to look a ‘lonely girls’ in the cafeteria/lunchroom. Be sited next to her and keep her company. Don’t forget to ask for her permission first.


You can see many girls studying in library. All you have to is joining them and study together.  Then next step is, you can pretend that you don’t understand the subject that you are studying with. Go and ask her about it.  she may curious about you and really want to meet you in college.


You can use online as your alternative way. If you still nervous and shy to meet girls in college, you still can meet them through the internet. You just need to browse girl that catch your eyes in college. Get to know her through the internet first. Don’t forget to tell her that you are one of her college student. She will be curious about you. It makes her really want to meet you in then college.

You now can pick up any girls in your college or school. There is nothing hard for you to pick up any girls you desire for. Thank you for reading this article. I hope you will implement all the ways stated inBest Ways To Pick Up Girl In College/School.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tips On How To Maintain Long Distance Relationship – Relationship Advice

Long-distance relationship is just like normal a relationship. The only difference is the distance between your lover and you. Staying far from each other is not a problem or obstacle for you both to have a happy relationship. Or maybe for you the word “distance” is an obstacle for you both to have a happy relationship like others. Well I am here to help you to achieve your dream to have a happy relationship with your partner. In this Tips On How To Maintain Long Distance Relationship – Relationship Advice, I will give you a number of tips for long-distance relationship that you can put into action for good sake of your long-distance relationship.

Date frequently

I don’t meant you have to meet each other every day. It depends on your budget. If you have a sufficient budget go and have a date with your lover once a week. However if you have insufficient budget, you can tell your lover to have a date once a month. It is not wrong at all. He/she will understand that you have a low budget. So don’t worry. It is all depends on your budget. But there is alternative way. You can discuss with your lover to set a schedule to meet each other. You have to meet each other by hook or by crock. It is not enough if you both just talk on the phone without going out together.

Do something together

Find out something that you both can do together such as watching same program in TV, read same article in the internet and then discuss about it etc. This kind of activity can get rid of long-distance feeling and you can feel that you are nearer with your lover. Do you know that even short-distance relationship more prefer to do something together rather that talk on the phone 24/?


Trust is the most important advice for long-distance relationship. You have to trust you lover no matter what as long as he/she never do thing that can make himself/herself become your most can’t-be- trusted person. Reduce your interrogation about where he/she go, who he/she with and etc . He/she would not feel comfortable if you keep on questioning him/her. It seems like you not put your 100% trust on him/her.

Surprise your lover

Give cards, flowers, letter etc to you lover from out of the blue. Make him/her feel that is bolt from the blue. Surprising can make relationship full with memories. Your lover can hug things that you gave if he/she misses you. Trust me. Hehehe. No jokes!! Sometime stuffs that you have given to him/her will make him/her reminisce your both sweet memories and it makes you both more desperate to meet each other.

Prevent from jealousy

You have to remain positive towards your lover. Never think bad about him/her. Be positive can prevent you from get jealous and ruin you happy relation. Learn how to prevent jealousy in relationship.

Keep update

If possible, try to tell your lover where are you going, who are you being with, where are you at etc. keep your lover updated about you.

Arsenic about future

It is not wrong if you both arsenic about future or even about marriage though you both are too young to talk about those things.

If you follow all the tips in Tips On How To Maintain Long Distance Relationship – Relationship Advice I am sure there is no problem or obstacle for you both to have a happy and healthy relationship. Who knows both of you will end up with get married.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ways To Overcome Jealousy In Relationship – Relationship Advice

Jealousy is the most poisonous poison in relationship. Because of jealousy, happy relationships can turn to tears down relationships. There is likelihood that one of the reasons your partner intend to dump you is because of your uncontrolled jealousy. So now, in this Ways To Overcome Jealousy In Relationship – Relationship Advice, I will help you to control your jealousy by revealing several ways to overcome jealousy in relationship.

Win over your rival

If you found out somebody is hotter or better than you wants to snatch your lover from you, you shouldn’t be jealous. Get into the head-to-head. Try to be better than him/her. You have to admit that hot guy/chick is the ‘most favorite person’ on earth. Everybody wants to stand beside hot guy/chick. If you can manage to be better than the hot guy/chick, I m sure you are at the top of the list and ahead from him/her and in the same time, you can win the head-to-head. As the result, you lover is remain yours. On the other hand, what if you get jealous, I am sure you will lose your lover and been defeated by your lover competitor.

Tell your lover you are jealous

If your jealousy is over the limit, you should let him/her know about it. Don’t expect he/she to know that you are jealous. You have to tell your lover that you are jealous so that he/she will do something to stop you from being jealous by comes out with explanation which will help you overcome jealousy in relationship.

Stay positive

You need to be positive all the time. Being positive can prevent you thinking negative about your lover. Trust your lover as long as he never hurt/cheat on you. Stop questioning where he/she goes, with who he/she is etc. In case you bump over your lover being with his/her opposite sex, remain your positive thinking. There must be a reason why is he/she being with that guy/girl. Try to ask your lover for what purpose he/she been with his/her opposite sex. Think the best about your partner and his/her faithfulness to you, unless he/she start to act weird towards u then only you can believe otherwise .The bottom line is, stay positive. You can get rid your jealousy if you keep thinking positive about him/her.

Dig out cause of jealousy

Look up what tend you to get jealous. Is it because you assume everybody who in relationship with you will cheat on you just because you were been cheated by your ex partner in previous relationship? Or maybe, does your partner do something that create tendency for you to get jealous? Look up what makes you to get jealous and ask you self why you have to get jealous. Ask your self should you get jealous for trifling matter? I would like to ask for your opinion, there is a girl name Zetty Nazura. She is a girlfriend of dude named Farhan. She got jealous just because her boyfriend, named Farhan texting his own cousin (girl). Do you think she should get jealous for tiny-winy thing?

I hope Ways To Overcome Jealousy In Relationship – Relationship Advice provided above could help you to overcome your jealousy. I got survey for you that really need your feedback. Please give your feedback to my survey below. Almost forgot, thank you for reading Ways To Overcome Jealousy In Relationship – Relationship Advice.

Survey (Malaysia only)

Between guy and girl, who between them are always jealous?GUY/GIRL

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Six Safety Tips Online Dating

Nowadays most of teenager prefers to look for their new partner through the internet. The common websites they usually visit are Facebook, My Space, Twitter. They will look up for their new partner in these three websites. After knowing their partner awhile through the internet, they will make up their mind to meet each other. This thing brings a danger to most of teenage nowadays. So now, I will tell you Five Safety Tips Online Dating.

Ask for a latest photo

Insist his/her latest photo before go for date. Take a look at his/her photo to see how is he/she looks like. If you think that he/she is not suitable for you, then you don’t need to meet him/her. That is why latest photo is one of important Safety Tips Online Dating because you can determine whether he/she is suitable for you or not before it is too late. If possible, don’t go dating with him/her without latest photo.

Find out your date characteristic

When you having online chatting, try to ask him/her is he/she easy to get mad? Is he/she sex maniac? Try to figure out what kind of person he/she is. If you think, you can get along with him/her, then go proceed. Otherwise, you just leave him/her. This is just online dating and no commitment towards each other yet. So it is not wrong if you just reject person that you think you can’t get along with.

Use second number or Instant Massaging

The other Safety Tips Online Dating is do not simply give your hand phone number to a person that you just know a bit about. Don’t give you home or hand phone number. Try to get two numbers for your hand phone. Give the one that not really in use to him/her. If possible, try to convince your date just communicate via Instant Messaging. For instance, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN and many more.

Go separately

Don’t ever ask your date to pick you up to meet each other for the first time. Don’t let him/her know where do you live. You cannot simply trust him/her no matter how kind he/she is. Remember you both just meet each other through online. He/she can be whomever he/she wants.

Tell someone about the dating

Tell anyone you trust about your online dating. Tell that person, where you are going, with who are you will be going and remember that I urge you to ask your date latest photo? Give it to the person you trust. It is easy for that person to hunt for your date if anything bad happen to you. Tell your trusted person what time you will give him/her a call and going back home to confirm that you are safe.

Public place

Ask your date to meet at public place such as shopping mall, library etc.

These are the Six Safety Tips Online Dating. I hope you can implement all these tips in order to take care of your safety. Thank you so much for reading this. I hope the Six Safety Tips Online Dating help you a lot. Good luck!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Best Places To Meet Girls - 7 best places to meet teenage girls

Do you know where are the best places to meet girls? The places where you can pick up or have a conversation with any girls you desire. In Best Places To Meet Girls I will tell you the places where have a lot of chicks and where they always spend their time at.


Weddings actually one of the best places to meet girls. It makes you easy to start a conversation with any girl you adore. The first thing you can do to start a conversation by asking her what is her relation with the bridal. Followed by asking her where is she come from. The next thing you can do is just keep on talking to her friendly and don’t forget to ask for her phone number at the end of the conversation.

Bus Stops/Train Stations

These are the places where abundances of teenage girls usually are at after school is over. They wait for their transport here. While they are waiting, you can start a move to get any of girls there. You can start with ask her where she want to go. If lucky, your destination could be same with her and you can ask her to go there together with you.


This is the places where hot girls usually spend their time to work out and maintain their body shape.Can you imagine how hot they are wearing tight?Well if you want to nudge any hot girl you like, you must be down-to-earth. Try to pretend that you don’t know how to use an equipment. Ask for help from her. She will help you and you can start to chat with her. If everything going well, you can ask to have a drink with you after worn out of working out.


I believe that your school/college will hold a seminar prior to major examination. Actually, this is one of the best places to meet girls. If possible, try to attend the seminar as early as you can. So that you can have a look at girls coming to the seminar without miss none of them. So it is easy for you to choose which girl is suitable for you. Try to be as close to her as you could by sitting next to her or near to her or keep an eye on her. If you manage to sit near or next to her, you can start a conversation by asking her, which school is she studying and when the seminar is started, you can ask her a question about the seminar and perhaps, she will do the same thing too. Otherwise, you have to keep an eye on her. When the seminar is over, go to her. Nudge her by asking her a few questions such as what she takes to go back, how was the seminar and etc. Try to be friendly with her. If possible, try to get to know her in a short time by asking for her cell phone number or email.


Most of girls love to spend their time at library either to reading or to gossiping. What you have to do is, be sited at the place where it is near to girl that you like. Identify what category of book she likes. If you know well about the category of books, try to talk to her about it. Share opinions about the book with each other. She will like it. You can use it as a reason to ask for her phone number.

Shopping Mall

You should go to shopping mall every weekend!! Trust me you will love to see many(I meant it,MANY) girls hanging around the mall, window shopping and having a drink with their hot girls group at STARBUCKS. This is your best opportunity to pick up as many hot girls you as you want.


Well, i would say this is the best places to meet girls among the best. This place makes you as easy as abc to meet girls.

I have listed 7 Best Places To Meet Teenage Girls. These place have many,many,many,many,many girls and  most of teenage girls spend their time at these places on weekend. Thank you so much for reading my article. I really appreciate it.Thank you so much.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How To Be Attractive To Girls - 4 Rare Effective Tips

Having a difficulty to attract hot girls is a typical problem. In fact, most of the guys in this world are enduring the same problem. Regardless how hot you are. So now, I will assist you to overcome the problem and pick up any hot girls in your town as easy as abc. In How To Be Attractive To Girls - 4 Rare Effective Tips, I will make known a few rare tips that you can put into action. Trust me, you will be the most attractive guy in town.

Appropriate Outfit

Well perhaps most of the guys feel that wearing expensive clothes or “eye-catching outfit” will catch girls eyes. Yeah it is, but just for a certain girls. Not all of them really like guys wearing “eye-catching outfit” because it is more to fly your own kite. Know what I am saying? There are two reasons why guys wear expensive clothes. The first reason is to show off to the girls what they got and the second reason is to catch the girls’ eyes and gain some self-confidence to start making a move. So before dressing up, think what cloth you should put on. Try to choose cloth that suitable with the occasion and not too heavy.


Being confident is one of vital things. If you are not confident on what you are saying or doing to the girl, forget about to pick up her. Try to be confident when you are having conversation with a girl. Even if the girl is interested on you as you are, you are still the one who have to make the move first. Try to ask the girl to going out with you or ask for her phone num confidently. Show to her that you are eager to do anything for her.


Good communication between you and her is one of my Rare Tips To Attract Hot Girls. What I meant by good communication is the way you talk to her. Do you know girls always trying to figure out what kind of guy you are base on first 10 minutes of conversation. For example within 10 minutes of conversation between you and a girl, you keep on talking about your expensive car. You know what? She is starting to get sick of your boasting and straight away reject your without second thought.

Guys secret weapon – eyes

I think this is my last How To Be Attractive To Girls - 4 Rare Effective Tips that is using your secret weapon which is your eyes. Believe or not, your eyes can make girls melt. So whenever you accidentally bump into a girl that you like, the first thing you should do is eye contact with her. Do not get me wrong. I never intend to urge you to look at her body or boobs or anything that typical guys look at. Regardless whether you are good looking or not, if you have a strong eye contact, I bet you will get the girl you like. After awhile, try to smile at her. If she gives you a respond, your chance to get her is bright.

The key of success here is your self-confident. It is useless if you implement all the How To Be Attractive To Girls - 4 Rare Effective Tips above with lack of confidence. Show to her that you have a high self-confidence. I would like to thank to you for spending a few minutes to read my article. I am looking forward to receive any comments/feedback for this article, or maybe you can share your Rare Tips To Attract Hot Girls with us. Thanks a lot. Hope God blesses you.