Sunday, December 20, 2009

Effective Tips For Improving Your Relationship

Relationship will become meaningless, loveless or even sadness relationship after a few months or up to a year. You and your girlfriend/boyfriend would be easy to get mad at each other.  In order to keep hold of your relationship as long as possible, all you have to do to get your relationship last forever is keep on improving it. Below are the Effective Tips For Improving Your Relationship.

Mind your word that comes out from your mouth

After awhile being together, there must be many things you both have been through together either it is happy moment or the sad one. There is likelihood that the first argument in the relationship is one of the sweet things. However, after awhile, argument is something that leads the relationship to be ‘vanish’. Argument is the time you both to get angry at each other. You might say anything you want without thinking the consequence. The worst part is, you say something bad to your partner that will be immortal in your partner’s head. Something that he/she will keep on reminiscing and never forget. Something that hurt him/her so much. So you have to think before say a word during argument. Do not let your anger conquer your mind. It will help you make your relationship getting worse. Show to your partner respect as you did when you both were just into relationship

No pointing finger

When it comes to bad moment, you and your couple will have a tendency to blame each other. In relationship, you both are working as a group. Therefore, you cannot simply pointing your finger to your partner when something bad crop up. Instead of pointing finger at each other, you should try to look for a way to resolve the problem.


Supporting each other is one of the important tips for improving your relationship. I want to ask you, how is it feel when you are having a big football match, you girlfriend comes to watch you play? Comes to your match is one of the situation that we can consider as supporting.

You don’t have to worry if you and your partner had fought many times. Furthermore, we are as a teen easy to scold people, angry etc. Try to control our self when problem comes around. Look for the root of the problem and work together to resolve it. It is much better than you pointing your finger to other person. Be patience and give and take to each other. Keep on improving your relationship. It leads your relationship to be last forever even though you and your partner are still young.


  1. You got to get to the root cause of a relationship issue to sort it out if it has bent a bit.Then sorting out troubled issues will be easy.

  2. and do not pointing finger to each other to avoid from getting worst


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