Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Date Tips for Men

First date is the scariest date ever. We scared if our date may reject us because of our real appearance, we are worried if we accidentally annoy them, and we are concerned about what our date thinks about us. These anxieties are totally make us out of control and can’t behave normally. Plus our confidence will reduce and everything that we do is going so badly. To make the first date going well and end up with a good relationship, and make them think good about us instead of assume us not suitable for them, make them think that we really fall in love with them, and treat them like a princess, there are a few things that you should do on a first date.  Here are the tips on the first date.

Be punctual

Make yourself to be on time. Or a few minutes earlier. Wait for your date is better. The fastest way to make a poor impression on a first date is to be late. If you encounter any problem at the last minutes, such as you car is break down or the road is congested, let her know as soon as possible. Don’t make her wait for you for a decade.

Let her talk about herself

I think it is better if you let her to talk about herself instead of you talk about yourself. Talk about you on the first date may irritate her. Make yourself looks like really interested on her. Plus you can get to know her better and figure out what you might have in common.

No phone call or text

In case of you receive any phone call or text message, you should just ignore it I guess. Unless if the phone call or text message is from your parents, then only you pick up the phone call or reply the message .try to convince her that the phone call and the message is from your parents otherwise she may be jealous or think negative about you because she has no idea who is the heck nudge you. I would recommend you to set your cell phone silent. Pay as much attention as you could for her. Remember, treat her like a princess.


You are not necessary to wear an expensive for first date just because to look stunning. Good manner is better than good looking. So just wear cloth that makes you feel comfortable. If possible, try to wear a new cloth because it will improve your confident.

So I hope no more anxious for your first date in future. Try to treat her as nice as you could. Make her feel like a princess. Don’t forget when the relation is on, don’t ever neglect nor hurt her. Appreciate what you have been worked hard for on the first date. And if u speechless on the first date, check out my article about What To Talk About On The First Date.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Men Want In A Woman

Many women try to find out what men really want in a woman. Most of them will jump in to conclusion by assuming men only look for big breast woman or in the other word known as “hot chick”. Not all of them only look for that type of women. Men actually will look for a long term relation and not just one night stand relation. Most of them are actually prefer last forever relation and end up with happiness. The below shown what men want in a woman:


Men are not really interested towards easy-women-to-get. They need some challenging to get the woman. The reason for it is easy-women-to-get are not as loyal as men crave for. There are likelihoods that most of easy-to-get-women will leave or cheat their partner for other men.


As I mention above, men are prefer long term relation rather than one night stand relation. That is meant devotion also known as loyalty is really important in relations. Men need women to be with them 24/7. They need partner all the time. They need someone who could be with them whenever either in misery or happy. They wish that woman could give them support to do everything whether it is regarding career or his life. Apart from that, men wish that they can spend his rest of the life with someone who they really love.


It is not necessary men just look for a “hot chick”. Men constantly seek a woman who they can depend on. If they should risk their heart in the process, they would want it with someone worthy of their trust.

Good looking

Well everybody in this world really wants to have a good looking appearance and stand beside good looking people. It is not necessary good looking appearance is the priority. I would like to stress that trust and devotion are the priority.

How are they? Are they useful for you to find out what men want in a woman? Regardless how beautiful you are, if you don’t loyal towards your partner, I am sure the relationship is not going to work. But trust me no matter how ugly you are, with you faithfulness, I am sure your partner will stick to you forever.

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